The VW (Volkswagen) emission scandal got more interesting when Volkswagen announced that they were going to give $1000 in benefits to registered owners and lessee of VW Diesel cars.  The cash offer is the result of Volkswagen admitting that they were cheating emission results in the diesel cars.

San Diego VW Diesel automobile owners and lessee will get, if they register for the offer, a $500 gift card, a $500 dealer credit for services and products, along with free road side assistance for 3 years.

Many see this offer as an attempt to win back some goodwill and offset potential law suits against Volkswagen.  Many class action attorneys were in the process of getting class action status against Volkswagen as a result of the emission scandal.

According to VW’s spokeperson, the scandal offer will not prevent you from suing or joining a class action lawsuit against Volkswagen but merely a good faith attempt to placate their customers.  Whether this statement is true or not will depend on what you have to agree to in exchange for the benefits.  So time will tell.

In the mean time, just read carefully what the agreement states before you agree to it if you are thinking about taking VW on their offer – considering the fact that lawyers like Pete Bezek of Foley Bezek Behle & Curtis, LP are in the process of suing and demanding that Volkswagen buy back the cars affected by the scandal at the purchase price.

You can get more information about Mr. Bezek’s thoughts on the scandal through the Los Angeles Times’ article entitled (706) 235-8849


A Plaintiff class action attorney is one who represents the individuals in the class action lawsuit against a single defendant.  In San Diego, we can get a number of class action law suits.

Its not easy to start a class action lawsuit.  Courts, like the ones in San Diego require that the class get certified.  This is certified by the judge hearing the case.   its a complicated process that all Plaintiff attorneys must establish.  Its also a very important step because once the class get certified then the defendant in the case knows things are getting serious.

A class action lawsuit is not cheap so there is going to be a lot of attorney fees for both sides.

In many cases, the attorneys in these class action lawsuit work together as a group of different firms.  Usually there is more than one attorney and usually they are from several offices involved in the entire matter.  This allows them to divide responsibilities and to cost involved to litigate the matter.