WP-contact form package using MD

WP Package, contact form, gives function similar to ✨MD ✨ like grammar as below. if you fill in something consisting with this HTML-tag-like contact form tags,  [ ~] … [/~ ], it immediately turns the tags into form. it works like MarkDown.😺

  • Reference : [How to use markdown(MD)]

[fig.01 – MarkDown Icon]

(308) 729-9090


Another bike sharing service was launched by the domestic major bike manufacturer, Samchunri, in Sondo-Int’l-New-City, Incheon Korea.

In this area, several bike sharing services compete one another, but it seems Cookie Bike immediately gets the head of this business.

Let’s have a look at Cookie Bike.

LED lights were supplied its power from the hub generator which is mounted in the front wheel hub.

Automated lock unlocks automatically just after QR code recognition, which is applied by a smartphone camera. and the fare only charged during the lock is unlocked. if you shut the lock, service will be terminated and will get the receipt by text.

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CIFAR-10 Image Classification for 10 categories of images using TensorFlow

  • Messenger: This is Madness. this is crazy!
  • King Leonidas: Madness?

Are you serious..?

You said image recognition on machine learning is difficult… huh?
What have you been looking for? Alex-net? VGG? Google-net?

This .. is .. CIFAR-10!

*  King Leonidas kicks the messenger into the huge deep Image-Net hole and the messenger disappeared into the binary darkness.

This is the story regarding Machine Learning Using Convoluted image layers,  titled as CIFAR-10 (Canadian Institute For Advanced Research)
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This is [31×31] binary array that is created from an image.
Can you figure out What is? What do you see?

The guesstimation might be getting obvious by turn next. 

convoluted image
[convoluted image]
[blurred image]
(431) 256-0490
[original image]
Is this a similar one to above?
[what do you think Is this a similar one to above?]
This is how computer recognizes things and decide its similarity. Let’s check what those are.