Operative Surveillance

By upholding the highest standards in professionalism and discretion, Maia Detectives conducts operative surveillance at the highest standards. We make use of cutting-edge technology to bring the needed evidence in the shortest amount of time.

No two cases are the same; therefore our private investigators employ state-of-the-art equipment and tailored surveillance techniques to obtain conclusive evidence and holistic solutions.

Full-service Investigations

With an experience of over 15 years in the undercover and direct investigations, we have a proven track of solving thousands of cases pertaining to a wide variety of industries and domains. Headquartered in Romania, we dedicate our services to the private sector.

Our extensive network of professional investigators is result-driven and with a keen eye for detail, that is sure to bring conclusive evidence no matter the case requirements.

  • Law

We provide guidance and evidence in any matter related to criminal investigations, corporate liability, money laundering, trademark violations and more.

  • Insurance

We specialize in life insurance investigations, critical illness and disability investigation, accidental death, home and business insurance, or others.

  • Real Estate

Our skilled specialists will bring conclusive evidence regarding possible Buyer/Seller due diligence, false financial statements, broker investigations and more.

  • Economic

We can conduct investigations from forensic accounting to financial reporting and cash flow analysis; and from white-collar crimes to embezzlement and money laundering.


Our licensed detectives provide assistance in the energy system, either that we talk about fraud in the Natural Gas or Electricity Distribution.

  • Agriculture

We investigate unlawful acts related to the false certifications, contract bidding, illegal goods or others to serve producers, buyers and sellers.

Our Team

Our private investigators and surveillance operatives are accredited professionals, specialized in areas of expertise such as Law, Economic and Military Sector, National Defense and Security, Operational and Informational Data Analysis, Marketing, Criminal Intelligence and others. The Maia Detective Team is a certified company!